Dj Quila :
L Mio Mixtapes Vol. 6 & 7.
Los que se dan la paja de leer el blog , saben a quien me refiero.Mi compare Dj Quila aka Felipe , haciendo de las suyas con sus increibles mixtapes.
Si no quedan pa la caga con los Tracklist entonces que estan esperando ? ..estan vidrios (Estan Vidrios = Estan Bios) que dan ganas de bajar al toque un disco mesclado mas encima con los mensos grupos wom.
Yo ya tengo estos volumenes , me acompañan los viajes de ida y vuelta a la pega, y dejenme decirles que llego entero motivao pa la pega, asi que estan biarachos que hay que bajarlos , minimo papa.
Pronto ...mas Dj Quila.
Tracklist "Dj Quila - L-Mio Vol. 6 "
01-dj quila - intro
02-Dl incognito-anr
03-Superscientifiku-recall math
06-Grayskul-voltronic instructional espion
07-Vordul mega-megallah
08-Living legends-damn it feels good
09-The pacifics-situations(feat.pep love)
10-Mums the word-constant evolution(feat.abstract rude)
11-The foreign exchance-the answer
12-2for5-good times
13-Verbal kent´s-tomatoes and glocks
15-Cyne-the river
17-The landlords-the routine
18-Oddisee-yes yall
19-Girl 6-she got it
20-The dorian three-well you are
21-Supernatural tangents-seven star
22-Gift of gab-evolution
23-Pigeon john-emily n pj all day(remix)
24-2mex-treesun(leave her to hall)
25-Akuma-those were the days
26-Homiliss derilex-shine
27-Insight-strategy(feat.a.g. & edo.g)
28-Josh martinez-pathways(feat.kunga 19)
29-Madvillain-america´s most blunted(remix)
30-Imani-gigantic(feat.requiem & spaceboy)
31-Zion I-poems post modern decay(feat.aesop rock)
32-Rise-piece of my heart
33-Vast aire-could you be?
34-The jackal-all night(feat.medaphoar, dudley perkins & oh no)
35-Chase phoenix-feel so.(feat jemini the gifted one)
36-Supastition-right here
37-Ugly duckling-celebrity
38-Viktor vaughn-chance the beat(dj quila remix)
40-Scarub-something better to say(feat.kam talbert)
41-Haiku d´etat-all good things
42-Mcenroe & birdapres-wanted to cooperate
43-Qwazaar-get paid
Tracklist "Dj Quila L-Mio Vol 7"
1. Marco polo-how i get down (feat.skoob of das efx)+
2. Akrobatik-remin my soul
3. Homeliss derilex-classic
4. Lightheaded-wrong way
5. K-hill-legends
6. Jazz adixx-something you live (feat. dr.becket)
7. Maspyke-no big deal
8. Supastition-always
9. Dave ghetto-the game (feat. fl sweetenberg and l.dorado)
10. Raks one-unchanged (feat. taylor owens)
11. Kubiq-personal
12. Lmno-industry (dj quila remix)
13. Atmosphere-deerwolf
14. Architect-next plateau (feat.pep love and mr. sinista)
15. Major-just can´t lose
16. Giant panda-whit it
17. Elusive-end of careers (feat naptron)
18. Lawless element-rules pt.2
19. Ohmega watts-you are now tuned in (feat.adam l)
20. Median-confortable (dj quila remix)
21. Lone catalysts-la la la la (feat.donte and piakhan)
22. Rasco-hip hop essentials (dj quila remix)
23. Declaime-welcome 2 reality (dj quila remix)
24. Rapper big pooh-heart of the city
25. Asamov-hookslide
26. Emanon-for square
27. Deepspace 5-start right here
28. Edgar allen floe-the great adventure (feat. median & legacy)
29. Mr greenwedz and g riot-rex cortez
30. The herbaliser-more tea more beer (feat. jean grae)
31. Jneiro jarel-da quantum leap
32. Sound directions-wenda vidal
33. Dudley perkins-inside
34. The chicharones-pork rind disco

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