Brawdcast - The Suburban Spokesman 2006

Weeena cabras , aki les dejo un request o pa los chilenos ascurrios un pedido , que andaban buscando algunos cauros por ahi, nos vemos guommm.

Producers :
Behind Bars; JJ Johnson; Pro-I; Sophistic; Skwirm; Diabolic; N/A; LD; Flip Da Soulfisher; Scumbaggins; Nameless; Earl

Label :O.C. Records


1. This Is It
2. Show Time
3. Calm Down feat. C4mula, Solomon
4. At Last
5. What Now?
6. Now
7. Rain Drops
8. All That Jazz feat. N/A
9. Headed To LA feat. Jen Harvey
10. Solo Mish
11. Simbiotics feat. Awdbawl, C4mula
12. New Day feat Trek Life, Matt Q
13. Basics feat.Schwartzenegroe
14. Bros. Before Flows feat. Drewid, Self Lion
15. Old School Section (Intro)
16. Drunk Off Emotions feat. Ness
17. Disengage feat. Jon Doe, UB
18. Movin' On feat. Pigeon John
19. Unstoppable feat. Tommy Lasorda
20. Mom And Dad feat. Jen Harvey
21. What I Am

Ahora Caaaallo ...

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