This is a kid from the ghetto from my country , he appears in this program because his mother accuse was smoking drugs like Pasta Base (Is Like Crack or Cocaine + Marihuana) arround the house and he stealing stuff from his house and mother to obtain drugs.

Im show to us, to TAKE CARE when some of us arriving to my country (CHILE) , because probably he was stealing you in the street.
Make me laugh people like this because they think are bad , but simply his a faggot and a little snitch, because he steal his own mother , i cant believe.
i also smoke mariguana (a lot jajaja) but expense of my own Money and I do not ask anybody as many of us.
My inglish i not much fluid , but you understand gringos conchetumares (madafuckaz)


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Anónimo dijo...

Your a fag. You are basically white. Or a chile wigger.

Anónimo dijo...

You are more gringo than american whites with your gay pictures posted up like an american kid's bedroom posters. Get real, real mature. These white kids are crazier than you think. They sure aren't kidnapping and cutting ears off though like your people are they? Get it right racist