"Illmatic Samplecitos"

The Genesis:
DJ Grand Wizard Theodore - Wild Style Theme Rap 1

N.Y. State If Mind (prod. by Dj Premier):
Donald Byrd - Flight Time (inicio)
Joe Chambers - Mind Rain (pianos)

Life’s a Bitch (prod. by L.E.S.):
The Gap Band - Yearning For Your Love

The World Is Yours (prod.by Pete Rock):
Ahmad Jamal - I Love Music (pianos)
T La Rock & Jazzy Jay (with Rick Rubin) - It's Yours (apoyo coros)

Halftime (prod. by Large Professor):
Average White Band - School Boy Crush (cascabeles)
Gary Byrd - Soul Travelin Part One (trompetas)

Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park) (prod. by Dj Premier):
Reuben Wilson – We’re In Love

One Love (prod. by Q-Tip):
The Heath Brothers - Smiling Billy Suite pt. 2

Represent (Prod. by Dj Premier):
Lee Erwin - Thief Of Bagdad

It Ain’t Hard To Tell (prod. by Large professor):
Kool and the Gang - N.T. Part 1 and 2 (vientos)
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
Mountain – Long Red
Stanley Clarke - Slow Dance (batería)



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